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Collaboration – The Lady of Thorn Keep

One of my on-going writing projects is a collaboration with artist and friend Stephanie Stone.  Together we’re bringing together the world of Thorn Keep, a fantasy setting where clans of anthropomorphic humans suffer through nominally fantasy setting kinds of things… war, politics, betrayal, etc.

The overall world was Steph’s invention.  She came to me with an initial plot and a few key characters.  It was my job to flesh things out and breath some life into the skeletal beginnings of the concept.  Once I’ve written and edited a section of story, Steph will then produce an artistic rendering from that segment.  The image you see to the right is the first such example.  You can keep up with the story either through the artist’s Deviant Art account, or through my pages here.   The original piece produced is then auctioned off over at FurBuy.

I will also keep a running storyboard here as a page off the blog.  We’ve just put out our second installment… Stay tuned for more updates.