WyFly Shield off to a rough start

Here you see my new WyFly shield!  This little guy will one day bring Wifi capabilities to my Arduino… but not yet… not yet.

Thankfully there isn’t a lot of assembly required for the shield.  All you have to do is solder in the headers… which is easy enough… even for me! (see the evidence)

Out of the box, the libaries didn’t seem to want to work.  First there’s the “no such WProgram.h” issue which is easy enough to solve… you change the #include to “Arduino.h”.. but then there were some strange Arduino API changes with the Print object.  Nothing was terribly wrong… the write() methods now returned a size_t when before they were void.

Compilation out of the way… I uploaded an example… and nothing happened. I was supposed to see a google search result for “Arduino” scroll past on the Serial Monitor… but nothing.  Looks like more digging for me.