screw this noise, libsdl to the rescue!

I’d spent the last week beating my head trying to learn the dark arts of programming for the OS X.  I had basically gotten a window to open up… but that was it.  Did i really want to learn this? or was this simply a means to an end?  I’m guessing it’s the latter… there has to be a better solution than this. Turns out there is… libsdl.

It had all but skipped my mind… the Simple Directmedia Layer.  It’s basically a platform abstraction library that lets you write media-rich native apps without worrying about what the underlying architecture is.

I first tried using it about 5 years ago and was fairly impressed.  It’s easy to use and has a whole mess of language bindings.   I think I’ll be doing more of my n-body stuff using this lib as the front end instead of trying to learn all of the cocoa specifics.

Hopefully, this time next week I’ll have something that’s downloadable, runnable, and interactive!