iPhone4 Blender Model – Still incomplete, but oh well..

Continuing my efforts to fill in all the models needed to render the first Little Robots Script, I started on modeling a phone… in this case, my iPhone4.

I thought incorrectly that the simple shape of the phone would make the modeling go by pretty quickly… but it turns out that there is some trickyness involved with how you get the little buttons and indentations into the body itself.  There’s also texturing complications.  You want the screen to be a single rectangular texture so that when you animate, you don’t have to worry about strange artifacts involving the screen content being stretched or otherwise transformed.

On this model, I still need to add the speaker holes and interface jack at the bottom as well as the buttons on the side.  I need to revisit the front surface though. I’d like to actually put a transparent layer over it just like the real thing… I’ll be able to easy texture that with smudges and blemishes.

Here’s what  I have rendered in-scene…

The metal texturing still isn’t quite right.  For some reason I’m getting strange textured reflections from the surface of the phone. You can see it toward the home button in the render.  It looks like it’s reflecting the wall, but the stucco pattern is way too emphasized.