Computer Setup in Scene

This drawing represents how the main computer in the animation will be arranged.  It’s loosely based on my actual computer layout.  Yes, voicing the Richard character from the script isn’t going to be a stretch for me!

In real life, my center display is an iMac and I have a my Mini set up to be a shell server.  I don’t think that the Richard in the animation would need a set up like this… instead he probably has a couple of home made linux servers under his desk.

So, what needs to happen next… I have to model a set of headphones, customize the monitors so that three distinct monitor models exist.  I have to model a mouse and my Griffin Powermate… and I need to start working on the videos that will make up the monitor content.  The latter will be the most challenging, I’m sure.  I honestly don’t know how video as a texture will render.