Hello Seña – The Script

Last weekend I worked out the first draft of “Hello Seña”, the script that I’ll use for the first Little Robots animation.  As I described in my post “Getting it Together“, the scene takes place just before our first Little Robot gets activated.

If you’re interested in reading the script… it can be found [here].

Originally I had planned on making the dialog very plain, but while writing the script, I was inspired to add a few dark elements…

RICHARD: It sounds like we are ahead of schedule then. What about the others? Have you heard anything else from them?

ONEMURI: No, I haven’t and it’s been a while.  I’m getting a little worried that something has happened.

The conversation pauses for a moment.  Richard leans back in his chair and exhales.

RICHARD: Well, even if they were found out, we’re all supposed to be isolated, right?  There’s nothing else that we can do but do our best.

From this excerpt, you can see that I’ve added a layer of secrecy to the overall mythology.  Onemuri and Richard have some secret timeline and they are colluding with others who seem to have gone missing.

An interesting challenge of this script will be that most of the dialog will be in Japanese.  Since I don’t speak Japanese but plan on voicing the Richard character in the story, this means that I’ll have a lot of verbal practice to look forward to.