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Computer Setup in Scene

This drawing represents how the main computer in the animation will be arranged.  It’s loosely based on my actual computer layout.  Yes, voicing the Richard character from the script isn’t going to be a stretch for me!

In real life, my center display is an iMac and I have a my Mini set up to be a shell server.  I don’t think that the Richard in the animation would need a set up like this… instead he probably has a couple of home made linux servers under his desk.

So, what needs to happen next… I have to model a set of headphones, customize the monitors so that three distinct monitor models exist.  I have to model a mouse and my Griffin Powermate… and I need to start working on the videos that will make up the monitor content.  The latter will be the most challenging, I’m sure.  I honestly don’t know how video as a texture will render.

Workbench Concept Art

Over the weekend, I was having serious trouble modeling out what I thought the assembly area on the desk would look like.

Originally I had envisioned an aligator clip contraption, sets of tweezers, and a magnifier lamp.  That all seemed kind of boring though.  I then came up with a stepper motor kind of arm contraption that would be used in place of the aligator clips.   As it turns out, this is a hard thing to model without some kind of visual reference… and since it’s a fictional piece of equipment… well… I had to go back to the drawing board… literally.

The actual size of this armature would be pretty small as what it held would be the primary focal point of the magnifier lamp.  Since it’d be pretty small, it’s impractical to adjust the thing by hand, so I came up with a set of dials which will connect via wires to the robotic armature.

Here you see three knobs, which ostensibly control three axis of adjustment that the arm can move in.  The larger, shorter section of the knob is used for “course” movement and the smaller, longer inner knob is for “fine” movement.

My first stab at drawing this thing had all 3 knobs lined up in space, but it occurred to me that if I did that, the gearing of the knobs within the housing would all intersect.  Because of that, they’re all offset from each other slightly in the drawing… and will also be in the model.

Hello Seña – The Script

Last weekend I worked out the first draft of “Hello Seña”, the script that I’ll use for the first Little Robots animation.  As I described in my post “Getting it Together“, the scene takes place just before our first Little Robot gets activated.

If you’re interested in reading the script… it can be found [here].

Originally I had planned on making the dialog very plain, but while writing the script, I was inspired to add a few dark elements…

RICHARD: It sounds like we are ahead of schedule then. What about the others? Have you heard anything else from them?

ONEMURI: No, I haven’t and it’s been a while.  I’m getting a little worried that something has happened.

The conversation pauses for a moment.  Richard leans back in his chair and exhales.

RICHARD: Well, even if they were found out, we’re all supposed to be isolated, right?  There’s nothing else that we can do but do our best.

From this excerpt, you can see that I’ve added a layer of secrecy to the overall mythology.  Onemuri and Richard have some secret timeline and they are colluding with others who seem to have gone missing.

An interesting challenge of this script will be that most of the dialog will be in Japanese.  Since I don’t speak Japanese but plan on voicing the Richard character in the story, this means that I’ll have a lot of verbal practice to look forward to.

My first Blender animation

I originally modeled this several months ago… but each of my renderings had little issues… first with lighting… then with camera clipping… I worked out the various issues but never actually went through the 10+ hours of re-rendering it at decent quality until now… here you go… my first blender animation!