Books and Book Covers

Creating book covers, particularly when you don’t really care about how well the book will actually sell… is a lot of fun.  For the first Little Robots animation, I need to come up with a *TON* of books…. here are the first two…

These are both hard cover books… I still have to build out a soft cover model as well as a Schaum’s outline style workbook model.  I’m sure that the softcover and workbooks will be more challenging than one might think… Sure, you could model it like just a box… but unlike hard cover books, the covers of their lighter weight counterparts tend to lift up on their own… plus there’s the possibility of the covers kinking and creasing.

If you’d like to use any of these book covers in your own models.. or are just curious what the images I built for them look like… here you go! Click for larger version.

I designed this one last night at like 1am.  It’s a pretty stoic design… and really was meant to be just the template image to use for future books.  I ended up liking the way it came out… so It’ll probably get used in the actual animation.

This second book I took a little more time with.  The image that you see on the front and back covers was taken with my iPhone.  I had a couple of old 1GB DIMMs from my Mac Mini.  I placed them side by side and snapped the image being careful not to have any company logos or names showing.

I need maybe 4 or 5 more tech related books to have laying around on my desk.  Any ideas?

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