What’s on my desk..?

… stays on my desk…

This image is just me showing off the new desk model that I created in blender.  This is based on my actual desk layout at home… although the objects resting on the desk in this case are fictional.  This is the first of many models necessary to bring about the scene described in a previous blog post… essentially where my first little robot will be born.

You aught to be able to click to get the original rendering.  Probably the most complex bit of this rendering is the lighting.  There’s a mix of yellowish artificial light coming from spotlights located behind the turret… and then a slightly blueish “natural” light from behind.

2 thoughts on “What’s on my desk..?

    1. Richard Post author

      it’s done with blender! (http://blender.org) and I’m slowly trying to put together an animation. If you click on the “Little Robots” link under “Active Projects” you can view the whole history of this project. Might shed some light on it!

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