Get it Together – Animation Planning

It’s been a little while since I’ve actually opened the modeler… and I’m really craving some actual work in 3D.   Time lately has started to become quite a commodity… I just can’t seem to find more than an hour or so per day to dedicate to these projects… sigh.

Plodding forward though, The first animation that I want to put together for Little Robots is a sequence where Seña is first activated and is interacting with her creator for the first time .

The perspective is from the creator who will probably be voiced by me.  The whole scene will be done while looking through a large magnifying lamp because well… the little robot is little!  The setting is a cluttered wooden work desk where the robot is being assembled. There are a variety of little doodads that need to get modeled that sit on the desk, so… I’m sure we’ll end up with a few blog posts about individual items.  The overall point of the animation is to exercise the rigging with a variety of interactions which instill an emotional response from the robot.

Assuming that this animation has a good feel to it, I’ll probably do a similar “Getting it together” animation for each of the other robots.  I’m toying with the idea of making the owner of the next robot, Hakko, speak completely in Japanese. I’ve always wanted to mess with subtitles!