Seña Eye Detail

Seña Eye DetailI think that this will be the basic eye design that I go with for Seña.  She’ll have a single camera lens style eye with a traditional looking aperture that has protective coverings which allow it to open or shut.  I’ll assume that when shut, the lens cleans itself somehow.  I’ve also added four sunshade petals which will be independently posable.  These are really not functional in my opinion, but they aught to add some level of expression.The entire eye assembly itself moves vertically along a covered track not unlike the telescopes at large observatories.

At first I wanted to detail out the entire internals of the assembly like I did with the skeleton, but then I remembered, I’m not actually designing something to build… I’m simply sketching out what something looks like to model.  The actual machine, while it needs to suspend disbelief doesn’t actually have to function in real life.  Oh the joys of make believe!

With this bit done, I should be able to start some initial models of this robot.  As the model comes together, I’m sure edits will take place.  It’ll be interesting to see just how closely my finished product resembles the actual concepts.