Just give me a Seña!

Seña Skeletal designThe design for the robot, Seña is influenced largely by the Turret from Portal 2.  While it may not be obvious from this basic skeletal image… you’ll see.  When the white shell drops on over the rounded body, the relationship will become more clear.

If you notice the front legs are on a hinge giving her the ability to extend or contract the front legs independently.  I’m hoping that this will help give the robot some form of expressiveness in anotherwise static design.  The rear wheel can’t really contract, but can rotate giving Seña’s tadpole design steering capabilities.

The only other piece of Seña that I definitely have to model out is her eyepiece.  Seña will be a cyclops design with a single camera mounted much like the old observatories were.  The eyepiece will be able to rotate upward and downward along a fixed track.  An important aspect of the eyepiece will be it’s ability to express emotion.  In both Wall-E and in the two robots from Portal 2, we see a remarkable amount of expressiveness in the eyes, not just through aperture movement and focus, but through lens coverings and general eye motion.

Hopefully I’ll come up with a good design.