Project: Mars

Project: Mars is the more generic name for a podcast concept that I came up with which is loosely modeled on This American Life.  Essentially, what I would like to do is explore the every day life of the lower to middle class person living in a city on Mars.   To do this successfully, I feel as though I need to start with a realistic setting.  For that reason, I plan on modeling out an entire martian city of 2.9 million people.  The city was originally a colony designed to house about 10,000 settlers, but over time had grown beyond the capacity of its original colony plan.  What compromises did the settlers make to allow for added population?  How do you plan cities on Mars? What are the civil engineering challenges?  These are all questions that I hope to find answers to as I explore the topic.

Of course, none of this has started yet… what you see here is a very humble beginning… and I decided to start with this image of Mars at sunset.

Project MarsWhat I imagine a sunset on Mars to look like from orbit. Sorry about the lens flare.

It’s been a while since I create an image exclusively in the GIMP.  There’s something satisfying about taking a bunch of 2D tools on a 2D canvas and ending up with something 3D.   The image to the left extensively uses the Plasma Cloud render filter, Lens Distortion Filter, some creative use of layer modes (additive, multiply, screen, etc), and of course the Lens Flare.