A change in focus

So I gave Drupal a try but found that I had no patience for actually writing HTML or messing with the hundreds of little plugins… blah. How things have changed… so.. hello WordPress!

A couple weeks ago, I had decided to enter the Exile Villify video contest. I started down the road of modeling out the various elements that I wanted in the video … but a combination of lazyness and Rock Band 3 got in the way.

I did learn an awful lot about the subdivision surfaces in blender, though… so I can’t say that it was a complete waste of time…  I found that the objects in this scene, though they look primitive, are actually pretty complex… The turret in particular, with its rounded shape yet sharp edges.  I definitely had to get competent in cinching edges and marking seems.

Since acknowledging that I won’t make the deadline for the music video, I’ve decided to morph the entry in my In-Flight Projects page to a more general non-Aperture Science branded set of robots making music.  It’ll be a good excuse for me to mess with the Structured Audio bits of MPEG4.